Mediocrities everywhere... I absolve you!
I’m Sarah--twenty-one, from Texas, and going to college to be a music major. I play the flute, piccolo, and a bit of piano. I'm in my junior year in college. I am borederline-obsessed with Doctor Who, cute clothes, and cats.
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this looks like a man just got switched into a cats body and he’s having some self realization of the situation and he’s buggin

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Who is Jay Gatsby’s favorite superhero?

Green Lantern

And his least favorite?

Dead Pool

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i may not be beautiful but at least i know a lot of useless information

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*takes one good photo* posts on all blogs, posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to obama

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#this is it this is american television

that all happened in under 2 minutes

this is honestly a spiritual experience

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I got a haircut. c:

I got a haircut. c:

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Selfie of the day? (although it was actually yesterday’s…)

Selfie of the day? (although it was actually yesterday’s…)


World History 101

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By the time this posts, I will have already attended your memorial service and will be a mess, I’m sure. But I want to remind myself to be positive, even though this is an almost impossibly hard time.

I lost an amazing friend on Monday. It wasn’t her fault, but life doesn’t really care who’s fault it is. She did everything she possibly could, but it wasn’t enough. Don’t dwell on it. There is absolutely no way of knowing that it would happen—don’t keep thinking “Oh, if I would’ve just called her and told her to stay an extra 5 minutes at home” or anything along those line—It can’t change what has already happened.

DO remember her as the amazing, beautiful, happy woman that she was. You rarely ever saw her sad. She was always smiling, singing, or dancing (or a combination of all three). She lost so much weight in the past two years. It’s AMAZING. She was beautiful before, but also beautiful after. She lived an incredible life. She was able to travel, with her parents, her friends, and even our band. She had more friends than you could imagine. 

She may be gone, physically, but she will ALWAYS be with you, and everyone whose lives she touched. She will live on through you, her friends, and her family.

Don’t dwell on the sadness. She would be upset that you did. Remember her like she would want to be remembered. :)

We love you, Black Diamond. Your Butter (Butta’ :P) misses you. I’m sure you’re partying it up where ever you are. I’m SO glad I got to spend the three years I did with you. I hope to see you again someday, if something like heaven exists. My life was changed by knowing you, and you will live on through all of the lives you touched.